Unlocking Sustainable Real Estate: A Guide to Achieving Net Zero Goals by IIÖ and the CRREM initiative with the support of EPRA and UNEP FI

In the pursuit of environmental sustainability, the real estate sector stands at a pivotal crossroads. The “Green Governance – A holistic approach for feasible and successful Net Zero Transition Plans in the real estate industry” report offers a comprehensive guide for implementing successful Net Zero strategies within this sector, emphasizing a holistic approach to environmental sustainability. This white paper is published by IIÖ and the CRREM initiative with the support of EPRA (The European Public Real Estate Association is a non-profit organization representing the interests of European listed real estate companies) and UNEP FI (The United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative).


1. Recognizing the Gap: Bridging Commitments with Action

Many real estate companies have publicly committed to Net Zero goals, but actual implementation and adherence to these strategies are often lacking. This discrepancy risks litigation and greenwashing accusations.

blue auditor supports the market with the industry’s most simple onboarding process, providing a preliminary ESG indication including carbon stranding, taxonomy alignment, and climate risk and vulnerability assessment via our EPC-2-ESG™ feature, delivering results in minutes for single assets and portfolios.

EPC-2-ESG for KPIs on a portfolio level


2. Navigating the Green Governance Framework

Central to the report is the notion of a Green Governance Framework—a structured approach that delineates the path to sustainability. From initial assessments to operational measures, this framework fosters accountability and transparency, essential elements in the journey towards Net Zero.

blue auditor’s ESG solution uses various data integrations like ERP systems, property and asset management systems as well as smart metering cloud solutions to provide real-life data, improving decision making processes and regulatory reporting, including ESG transition risks.

Regulatory Reporting


3. Applying Theory to Practice: Best practices and case studies

The report highlights real-life best practices and case studies, showcasing successful Net Zero transition strategies by leading companies. It also stresses the necessity of robust governance to ensure comprehensive integration and accountability across all levels of an organization.

blue auditor’s decarbonization modeling provides a foundation for transitioning assets and portfolios to net zero by converting green capex measures to ESG impact scoring and identifying opportunities to close any remaining gaps to avoid both carbon and energy stranding.

Decarbonisation modeling


4. Overcoming Challenges: Recommendations for Success

The document identifies common challenges like regulatory inconsistencies and data management issues, offering recommendations for overcoming these obstacles to ensure effective climate governance.

blue auditor’s ESG-as-a-service offering combines the areas of ESG management and ESG advisory. Only the combined approach ensures our client’s success to achieve ambitious ESG targets and overcome operational and strategic challenges.


Conclusion: Empowering Sustainable Transformation

In a world increasingly aware of its environmental footprint, the real estate sector stands as both a contributor and a catalyst for change. The “Green Governance” white paper not only illuminates the path to sustainability but also empowers companies to embark on a journey of transformation.

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