Enhancing Real Estate Decision-making: CRREM’s Carbon Analysis, Digitalized by blue auditor 

In the dynamic world of real estate, the capacity to comprehend and navigate carbon risks is becoming increasingly central. CRREM (Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor), reinforced by the EU’s Horizon 2020 project, is a beacon in this area, presenting a rich repository of data and insights tailored for real estate professionals. 


blue auditor platform offers real estate investors and asset managers an interactive interface to CRREM’s metrics, streamlining the decision-making process and facilitating strategic foresight.  Here’s a glimpse of the critical metrics available through blue auditor’s platform: 

  • Decarbonisation and Energy Reduction Pathway: Charting a property’s journey towards sustainable carbon levels. 

  • Excess Emissions per Floor Area: Evaluating emissions surpassing benchmarked standards for specific floor spaces. 

  • Cost of Energy & Carbon Emissions: Providing financial insights into energy consumption and its associated carbon footprint. 

  • Total Net Energy per Floor Area: Aggregating energy utilization metrics for distinct floor zones. 

  • Carbon Costs of Excess Emissions: Enumerating the financial implications of exceeding emission benchmarks. 

  • Costs of Retrofitting to Comply with Decarbonisation Pathway: Decoding the investment required to make properties align with carbon reduction targets. 

  • Emission Budget Depletion & Ecological Payback of Retrofit Measures: Assessing the environmental and financial viability of retrofit initiatives. 

  • Economic Payback: Delivering a thorough financial review of investments in sustainable measures. 

  • Energy Intensity Pre & Post-Retrofit: Comparing energy metrics before and after retrofit implementations. 

  • Value of Emissions: Offering a monetary perspective on a property’s emission profile. 

  • Electricity Emissions Factor: Detailing the carbon implications of a property’s electricity consumption. 

  • Electricity & Carbon Pricing: Outlining the fiscal aspects of electricity usage and carbon emissions. 

With blue auditor’s digital integration of CRREM, real estate professionals can delve deeper, obtaining not just raw data but actionable, business-centric insights. This digital tool, tailored for the real estate sector, equips stakeholders with the nuanced understanding needed to strategize effectively, align with regulatory norms, and optimize both asset longevity and profitability.