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blue auditor

is a management tool for buildings and real estate portfolios with the focus on transitioning to a sustainable real estate industry; providing wholistic and overall performance monitoring and improvements for sustainability management


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Wholistic sustainability
management for real estate

The built environment contributes a staggering 36% to global CO2 emissions. Our mission is to provide the industry with the best and most applicable tools to monitor and improve sustainability asset by asset, portfolio by portfolio.

Web application

An entire suite of features is provided in blue auditor's web application which allows stakeholders to actively manage multiple aspects of sustainability.
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An app for your tablet

A whole bundle of features available in an app, for your mobile device. The app allows users to actively manage diverse elements of sustainability.


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Building Audit for CapEx ...
EU Taxonomy Assessments
Environmental Social Governance

Buildings contribute approx. 36% to global CO2 emissions. Building operations have effects in many other areas that have a long-term impact on our environment. In order to meet reporting and corporate disclosure requirements, blue auditor provides automated data entry and continuous processing of ESG data so that the status quo can be evaluated and long-term goals can monitored. Benchmarking on asset and portfolio level gives additional insights for optimizations.

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Project management for Green Building Certification

blue auditor provides a green building certification platform that is very different from existing providers focusing mainly on the submittal process and on a single certification system. After many years of first-hand experience, working with many certification systems, we have developed a platform that meets the needs of all stakeholders in the certification process:

blue auditor prioritizes simplicity, collaboration and transparency, clearly communicating and visualizing optimization measures that increase sustainability in real estate. With blue auditor, project developers and asset managers have a hands-on tool to manage sustainability certification and allow benchmarking across portfolios, enabling the first portfolio-wide approach across the three internationally recognized labels DGNB, LEED and BREEAM in the market.

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Project management tool for green building certification
Climate Risk Analysis, Facility and Portfolio Risk Scoring

In partnership with Four Twenty Seven, blue auditor provides science-driven climate risk analytics to create more awareness for project developers and asset managers to navigate climate change-related risk and to deliver unique insights into the economic impacts of climate change. Within blue auditor, users have the ability to perform climate risk analysis for single assets or for entire portfolios and provide climate risk scores across various locations. The climate risk assessment is available as a stand-alone feature or as a built-in evaluation tool in blue auditor’s EU taxonomy assessment functionality. Taking climate change into account, project developers can implement required mitigation measures during the design stage to reduce the risk of early CapEx measures of a newly built asset, while asset managers are able to assess whether their CapEx measures are aligned with potential future climate risks, allowing them to re-prioritize specific measures to reduce stranding.

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Building Audit for CapEx aligned with Sustainability Goals

blue auditor provides a building audit solution that combines the classic CapEx approach with deficiency management and rates key performance indicators such as health and safety, energy efficiency, building structure, MEP systems, building documentation, facility management quality and overall alignment with sustainability objectives. The integrated deficiency management tool supports property and asset managers in the process to manage, implement and act on building deficiencies. 

The objective of the building audit functionality is to align CapEx measures with CO2 emission reduction targets over a specific period of time, reduce and assess stranding risk and enable the transition of brown assets to sustainable, performing assets.

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EU Taxonomy Assessments

The EU Taxonomy regulation is a classification and categorization tool for assessing sustainable economic activities. The regulation legally requires market participants to report on sustainability performance of their economic activities.

blue auditor provides a simple and clear method to assess individual assets or large portfolios to support real estate developers, asset managers or financial institutions to in the reporting requirements set out the taxonomy regulation.

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EU Taxonomy assessement

Our impact


operational Key Performance Indicators

437+ buildings

of all asset classes


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Let the numbers speak for themselves

The aggregated impact of each single building contributes to our overall goal of enabling the transition to a sustainable real estate industry


Automated report generation

blue auditor supports you to meet your reporting requirements and help you stay on track, demonstrate progress and communicate success!

Monitoring and benchmarking

Detailed benchmarking across different certification systems, taxonomy, climate risk and CapEx for single assets or for entire portfolios

Wholistic sustainability management

Whether environmental, economic, social or governance – blue auditor supports stakeholders in their sustainability efforts across the board

Built by sustainability experts

We are an entire team of sustainability experts with hands-on experience of more than 50 years combined and we know the industry's challenges because we live them every day.

Impact management

By measuring, managing and prioritizing the impact of pre-defined actions, blue auditor sets the path to transition to a sustainable real estate industry.

EU Taxonomy assessments

Importing and automated evaluation of entire portfolios makes it straight forward for developers, owners and managers of real estate to comply with regulatory requirements.

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