blue auditor completed late seed funding round

Vienna, Austria,  June 23rd, 2022 – blue auditor, an ESG management and risk assessment platform that enables the transition to a sustainable real estate industry, announces the completion of its late seed funding round.

Investors of this funding round include DELTA Group, Teichmann Holdings LLC and Presidio Advisors. The exact funding amount is not disclosed.

As a veteran sustainability expert with 20 years of green building auditing and international sustainability consulting expertise in real estate, it was clear to Wolfgang Lukaschek, founder and CEO of blue auditor, that large-scale digitalization is the only way to tackle the challenge of decarbonizing the building stock. “Initially, back in 2018, I started with digitalizing, automating and facilitating the green building certification processes for the main three internationally recognized labels DGNB, LEED and BREEAM. With “ESG” taking off exponentially and with the introduction of the EU Taxonomy in the blue auditor platform early 2020, we were amongst the first on the European market to offer a wholistic ESG assessment and management plattform”, says Wolfgang Lukaschek, Founder and CEO of blue auditor.

Today, with close to 1,000 assets of all classes and life cycle stages, and billions of Euro in its portfolio under ESG management (EU Taxonomy, DGNB, LEED and BREEAM certification, stranding risk and other ESG relevant analysis’) blue auditor has successfully secured a late seed funding to accelerate its market expansion and further product development.

blue auditor provides an ESG-as-a-service (ESG-aaS) solution to assess, manage, improve and report single asset and portfolio ESG performance for all asset classes and all life cycle stages. Working with real estate project developers, asset managers, banks, insurance and pension funds including other real estate professionals, blue auditor is managing assets in 16 countries.

blue auditor provides an end-to-end solution for the real estate sector that enables the transition to a sustainable real estate industry. It uses industry accepted evaluation standards and legal compliance metrics to analyze, manage, improve and report on individual assets and for entire portfolios.


Wolfgang Lukaschek, Founder & CEO

“Wolfgang and his team have created a great set of tools to scale sustainability assessments and document ESG for real estate”, says Dr. Richard Teichmann from Teichmann Holdings LLC. Jourdan Younis, director of strategic innovation from Presidio Advisors adds “We are looking forward to following along as Wolfgang Lukaschek & his brilliant team, to make the real estate industry more digital and more sustainable.”

The transaction was accompanied by Binder Grösswang, one of the leading law firms in Austria. Legal advice was given by Christian Zwick, Hermann Beurle and Johanna Müller.

For further information please contact:
Founder contact: Wolfgang Lukaschek, blue auditor, Press contact: Christina Kiennast, blue auditor,
Legal advisors: Christian Zwick, Binder Grösswang,


click at the following link for the PDF blue auditor funding statement