blue auditor anticipated to launch EPCs benchmarking tool

blue auditor anticipates to launch a benchmarking tool for EPCs in the EU Taxonomy in the beginning of 2022. Hence, we are NOW gathering EPCs from all over Europe in order to provide the market with reference data across the continent.  interested to participate? CLICK HERE

Energy performance certificates for buildings have been around for approximately 10 years. With the new EU Taxonomy regulation, EPCs receive new attention. The EU Taxonomy requires that sustainable economic activities document Primary Energy Demand (PED), amongst other criteria, for real estate. Not only is the documentation of PED necessary, but to demonstrate compliance with the technical screening criteria set forth, there are certain thresholds that buildings may not exceed. These thresholds are classified with “Energy performance classes” and/or derived from the national definitions of the “Nearly Zero Energy Building” (NZEB) thresholds.

Companies which share the EPC of their properties are going to be able to use blue auditors benchmarking tool free of charge. Of course, property data are going to be anonymized.

If you want to participate or just stay in the loop about benchmarking results, CLICK HERE.