blue auditor x Romania Green Building Council

Romania Green Building Council and blue auditor entered into a cooperation, providing EU Taxonomy assessments and verifications, specifically for the Romanian real estate and real estate financing market.This partnership allows members to use the blue auditor platform for EU-Taxonomy assessments, supporting the high demand for taxonomy assessments to meet the reporting obligation for NFRD Directive 214/95/EU (non-financial reporting directive) compliance by March 31, 2022.

Within the blue auditor platform users are able to assess single assets or entire portfolios for meeting taxonomy requirements, perform gap analysis for compliance and fulfill reporting requirements. blue auditor also provides an integrated climate risk analysis facilitating reporting of physical climate risks as part of climate change adaptation screening.

The partnership between blue auditor and RO GBC further allows a direct submission of taxonomy assessed real estate projects for an independent, third-party verification by the RO GBC to provide full transparency to market participants.

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