REPLAY: Climate Resilient Real Estate: Risks, Financial Vulnerability and Adaptation

Last year’s temperature increase of 1.47°C highlights the significance of the frequently neglected facet of climate change adaptation (CCA). While there has been considerable attention on energy consumption and the corresponding CO₂ emissions, the crucial aspect of CCA has not received the attention it deserves.


We are very honored that we co-hosted this webinar with the esteemed guest Dr Robert Muir-Wood, Chief Research Officer at Moody´s RMS who possesses 30 years of experience in catastrophe loss modeling. Dr Muir-Wood has been Lead Author on two IPCC Climate Assessment Reports, including sharing the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007. Recently he has worked on topics including European wildfire, seafloor assets, and the intersection of these risks with climate change.


During our discussion, we explored the development of climate change and its impact on real estate. We highlighted the general vulnerability of real estate as it relates to climate change, discussed how it translates to financial impact and layed out the interrelation between hazards, vulnerability, and adaptive capacity of real estate assets.


In a nutshell – this webinar is designed to comprehensively cover topics such as:
– climate risk assessment
– financial value-at-risk
– vulnerability and
– adaptation plans